Beerhseba Springs Historical Society



Notes and Reminders:

BSHS dues

$10 Individual : $150 Lifetime : $25 Memorial Plaques.

Museum hours: 1-4 sat.(May - Oct)

BSHS Summer '13 Announcements:

Opening Meeting Sat Mat 25th at Grace Chapel, 4pm
Join us for the opening meeting of the 2013 season Saturday, May 25th at 4 p.m. at Grace Chapel. See friends and meet guests. Get a preview of the events for this summer.

Upcoming Events

June 20 Alfred Adams' Memorial Service, Nashville - 10 AM visitation, 11 AM service - Downtown Presbyterian Church

Saturday, June 22: BSHS meeting at Grace Chapel - 4 PM
Speaker: Nadine Moore and the Chickamaka Indians of Grundy County

We will also hear a brief presentation from Dr. Marion Ridley, a direct descendant of Ben Cagle.
Wednesday, July 3: Barn Dance and pot-luck BBQ dinner; 5:30 PM at Green Pasture Barn. Flyer

Thursday, July 4: Parade

July 6 Celebration of Alfred Adams' life at Green Pasture Barn, Beersheba - 1 pm. There will also be a small service at Grace Chapel after Sunday worship on July 7.

Saturday, July 20:Cottage Tours 12:30-3:30 PM (advance reservations required) Registration flyer

Volunteers may purchase dinners at cost. Need to have cottages volunteered, complete with tour guides! Please spread the word to those who you think might like to attend and let me know the availability of your cottage.

Walking Tour Pamphlet

BSHS meeting with speaker - 4 PM - Dinner afterwards.

Mon. - Thurs., July 22-25: Earthman Art Camp at the Community Center

Saturday - Sunday, August 24-25:Crafts Fair

Saturday, August 24: BSHS annual meeting - 5 PM - Papels' porch

Saturday, September 21:Fall barn dance

BSHS Summer '13 News

May 8, 2013

Dear Friends,

Spring has come slowly this year to Grundy County, and the last trees are now leafing. The cool spring has helped prolong the flowers, and perhaps the laurel and rhododendron will last a bit longer as a result.

It has been a busy year on the Cumberland Plateau. The Community Fund of the South Cumberland Plateau has had an outstanding first year, and one of the projects funded was the Beersheba Medical Clinic. The Savage Gulf Marathon was repeated in March, beginning and ending at Stone Door, with 65 participants this year. The Beersheba children enjoyed the Margaret Coppinger Easter Egg Hunt planned and executed by Renae Hobbs and sponsored by your Historical Society.

Soon there will be a new recipient of the Leonard Tate College Scholarship at the Grundy County High School, again sponsored by this group. Art Camp is scheduled once again for July 22-25 at the Community Center.

We have had many favorable comments on the completed Beersheba mural at the Grundy County Heritage Center. If you still have not seen it, please try to stop by in Tracy City across from the Dutch Maid Bakery, Mon-Sat, 10-4 PM, to take a long look. We still need to add a bit of supporting exhibit material, and ideas are welcome.

We would like to have another Tour of Homes and open meeting this summer to help replenish our coffers from paying the artist to paint the mural. The proposed date is Saturday, July 20, which will follow the Monteagle market and tours there the day before. Last year's Beersheba tour was well-received and very successful, and most volunteers suggested we should do it again. It worked well to have cottagers do tours of their own homes, and we will be asking for volunteers once again to open their homes and host our visitors. Refreshments will be in a central spot. We can do another dinner after the meeting if the society chooses. Anyone interested in helping with this project, please let the board members know. Please save the date!

This winter we have lost two beloved long-time members, John Franklin of Franklin, TN, a patriarch at the Howell Cottage, and Herschel Gower, of Dallas, Texas. Lovely contributions to the society (John) or medical clinic (Herschel) have been received in their memories, and we will miss them greatly. We are also sorry to report the stroke and subsequent illness of Alfred Adams, who is now at Alive Hospice in Nashville.

As always, your support is what makes the Beersheba Springs Historical Society possible. The membership and donation form is enclosed. Please give generously.

With best regards, Susan Snow, Beersheba Historical Society President