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Leonard Tate: Scholarship, Bust, and more

Hemlocks Under Attack in Beersheba!!! Read more.


2019 Scholarship

The Leonard Tate Scholarship for 2019 was awarded to Hunter Smartt of Beersheba Springs. Congratulations, Hunter!

BSHS Meeting, Sat June 22nd

Grace Chapel, 4 pm. Dylan Rivera of the Southeast TN Development District will share information on a proposed initiative for the Cumberland Plateau, similar to the Pennsylvania Wilds ("PAW") project. See details, links, audio clips, and more.

Thursday July 4th

Parade at 10 am. Fireworks at dusk. BBQ lunch with music after the parade; this is a fund-raiser for the Clinic. $10/plate served behind the Whitehaven building (the building that David White renovated, painted green, next door to our Museum).

Saturday July 6th

Dash to the Door to benefit the Beersheba Clinic. Details here. Be alert for other Clinic fund-raisers over the long July 4th weekend.
Barn Dance! at the Big Red Barn. Pot-luck BBQ dinner; 6:00 pm.

BSHS Meeting, Sat July 13th

Grace Chapel, 4 pm. South Cumberland Community Fund (SCCF). Nicky Hamilton, Director of Community Development, The University of the South and SCCF, and Leah Rhys, Founding Board Member, SCCF, will present an update of the SCCF's progress and activities. Afterwards, cocktails and additional conversation at the Buntins (invitation).

Arts & Crafts Fair, August 24&25

BSHS Meeting, Sat August 31st

Grace Chapel, 4 pm. Labor Day weekend meeting. Richard Savage of Cookeville will present his research on the McMinnville-Chattanooga Stage Road. Richard shares that this road was ... at one time one of the most important roads in Tennessee.