From: Rick Dreves (
Subject: Pennsylvania Wilds Design Guide
Date: June 2, 2019 at 2:21:14 PM CDT
To: Bruce Blohm (, Sam Baggett (,
           Trae Moore (, Strat Byars (,
           George Shinn (

You've heard me comment previously on the Pennsylvania Wilds project ("PAW"), a regional placemaking and rural-tourism initiative in a part of PA that is remarkably similar, both physically and economically, to the southern Cumberland Plateau.

I've also previously encouraged you to listen to audio recordings from the December, 2018 National Gateway Communities Summit, specifically a 20-minute presentation by Abbi Peters director of the Pennsylvania Wilds entrepreneurship project; and a 30-minute presentation by Ed McMahon of the Urban Land Institute (who Sam, Bruce, Strat and I also heard at a session in Chattanooga, in late April).

Now, I'd like to encourage you to look at the Pennsylvania Wilds Design Guide (64 Mb download - use broadband!), an implementation document whose intent and scope could serve as a guide, not only for the our respective roles in improving community engagement with South Cumberland State Park; but also as a template, of sorts, for use by leadership in our region.

As you skim through this document, mentally substitute some of our local community and place names, and you'll realize how powerful something like this could be in developing community support for the kind of authentic, yet vibrant outdoor-and-rural-tourism-based economy I believe we all desire for our Park, and our region.

If your time is limited, here are a few important pages that will help you grasp the key concepts of this initiative:

Page 18 - Guiding Principles
Page 20 - GPs for Developed Areas & Town Centers
Page 22 - GPs for Natural Resources
Page 24 - GPs for Rural Areas
Page 25 - GPs for Agricultural Areas
Pages 34-36  - Thematic Elements & Guidelines*
Page 107 - Promoting Smart Growth
Page 127 - Town Centers
Page 155 - Roadway Corridors
Page 166 - Assessing the Impact [being ready for the future]
Page 200 - Protect[ing] Scenic Viewsheds & Vistas
Page 214 - Preserve Dark Skies
Page 231 - Protect Forests, Nature Parks and Wild Areas
Page 271 - Trails and Paths

* NOTE: Jenni Veal's group, SETD, is facilitating early discussions on developing a regional tourism brand [like "Pennsylvania Wilds"] for our area; the next meeting is planned for Monday, June 24th, 10 am, at the Dutch Maid Bakery; it is an open meeting, which everyone can attend.

As always, please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

- Rick